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Lee Ann Howe

Director of Travel
Scottsdale, AZ

Lee Ann was born to share her passion for travel and her eye for detail. Climbing aboard her dad’s private plane as a child gave her a fearless joy in seeing the world. In 2011, she became a luxury travel advisor and has never looked back. Today she loves how social media has made the world smaller and people’s desire to travel greater. She has passed her wanderlust on to her kids Chandler and Lili.

Favorite place: Maldives. I love sitting on a sandbar in the middle of the Indian Ocean without a care in the world.”

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Ron Weaver

Personal Photographer
New York, NY


Ron captures moments that matter for our travel clients. With his infectious smile and zest for adventure, he creates breathtaking visual stories that last forever. 

Favorite place: “Bali. I’ve lived there twice but it felt like home before I decided to move there. The smells, sounds, and sights hit me the moment I exit the airport.”

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Mike Yudin

Personal Trainer | Strength & Conditioning Coach
Los Angeles, CA


Mike believes that fitness and travel go hand in hand. He coaches professional athletes and can create custom fitness programs anywhere for any skill level – both on location or virtual. It’s all about having fun and being in the moment. 

Favorite place: “Atlantis Bahamas. The beaches, pools, water slides, marine life, not to mention all the night life! It’s a great place to work out and hang out.”

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